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The Busiest Shipping Day Creates Problems for Many Businesses

The U.S. Postal Service prepared for 15 billion pieces of mail between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve in 2013, with totals of around 545 million pieces every single day. FedEx claims Cyber Monday to be its busiest shipping day, with 125 packages per second shipped on that day in 2013. Monday December 16 was the busiest day at UPS in 2013, [...]

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Major Freight Routes in North America

Major freight roadways network across the entire United States and Canada. Knowing each of these highways is part of the commitment that a quality freight transport company makes to quality, on time, and competitive shipping quotes for LTL, rail and intermodal, hazardous materials, refrigerated loads, freeze protection, and exhibit and trade show shipments. Regardless of [...]

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Imports and Exports Around the World

For as long as humans have been able to trade one item for another, networks of exchange have popped up in order to facilitate demand with regular supply. Today, billions of tons of goods travel from one loading facility to the other, with the European Union alone claiming 1.7 billion tons of materials moved within [...]

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The Longest Trucking Route Ever?

If a client needs expedited shipping on a load, the trucking company has to do whatever it takes to get the shipment where it needs to go in the appropriate amount of time. Usually, that means using multiple drivers to keep the shipment moving continuously, even overnight, as we often do at Quick Transfer. Sometimes, [...]

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I, Optimus

In the city of Kunming, located in southern China, there’s an area in the north of the Wuhua district that is the home to a handful of car dealerships and other automotive services. It’s an area not unlike many others in China or around the world except for one glaring exception: It’s also the home [...]

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