The Longest Trucking Route Ever?

If a client needs expedited shipping on a load, the trucking company has to do whatever it takes to get the shipment where it needs to go in the appropriate amount of time. Usually, that means using multiple drivers to keep the shipment moving continuously, even overnight, as we often do at Quick Transfer. Sometimes, however, a driver decides to do a shipment him or herself, as one driver did in 2007 in what may be the longest road transport ever conducted.

The truck loaded up Bougy-Villars in western Switzerland, close to the French border. It then drove to Moscow, Russia before spanning close to two continents. Heading east to Ufa, the truck then hit Krasnojarsk and Irkutsk in Siberia. Heading south to Ulaan-Bator in Mongolia, the truck then went back north to Chita, Siberia, east to Belogorosk in Dalni Vost and then south to the ultimate destination of Vladivostok–before turning around and driving all the way back to Bougy-Villars! The entire round trip totaled 20,500 kilometers, or close to 13,000 miles and took the driver three months to complete!

While we can’t compete with that impressive display of endurance, Quick Transfer can get your overnight shipping loads where they need to go in record time!

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