6 Tips for Stress-Free Trade Show Shipping

A great Trade Show experience starts with ensuring your exhibit makes it to the show intact and on time. At Quick Transfer USA, we do our part to find you the best shipping quotes. Here’s what you can do to increase your chances of a smooth, stress-free Trade Show shipping experience:

1. Stand Out. Traditional crates and cartons can look dull and homogenous. Choose a color or pattern and paint your boxes to stand out amidst the sea of crates that will be arriving at the Trade Show.

2. Retire Old Crates and Boxes. Packaging only lasts so long, often just for just one round trip. Crates can last longer, but be sure to inspect and repair them as needed. Remove any old address and carrier labels before re-using.

3. Condense Your Shipment. Save on shipping costs by doing things like using 2′ x 2′ interlocking carpet panels for your booth floor instead of a large roll. Find other ways to consolidate and condense your shipment. Weigh and measure each piece accurately.

4. Specialized Packaging. Fragile, high-value items will need special packaging to ensure they will be protected in transit. Heavy anvil type containers that are designed for shipping fragile glass screens will ensure items like plasma monitors ship safely.

5. Material Handling Forms (MHA, Bill of Lading). Complete all forms fully and accurately to ensure your Trade Show freight will be shipped according to your wishes. Turn them over to the Exhibitor Service Center after you’re packed up and ready to ship.

6. Emergency Numbers. Lastly, supply your shipping rep, setup/dismantle reps and the exhibit manager with your emergency contact phone numbers. Print the main emergency contact number on all of your boxes as well.

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