Major Freight Routes in North America

Major freight roadways network across the entire United States and Canada. Knowing each of these highways is part of the commitment that a quality freight transport company makes to quality, on time, and competitive shipping quotes for LTL, rail and intermodal, hazardous materials, refrigerated loads, freeze protection, and exhibit and trade show shipments. Regardless of your cargo, Quick Transfer USA provides all of those guarantees to its customers. 

Image Credit: US Department of Transportation

From Point A to Point B

Understanding the network of highways that lead from point A to point B is important. Roads change every minute of every day. Weather, governmental restrictions, construction, seasonal and daily traffic are just a few of the events that can cause delays. Those delays affect travel time, can lead to unsafe driving practices, and drive up the cost of transporting freight. Quick Transfer USA guarantees that your freight gets where it needs to go safely, on time, and at a competitive price.

Share the Road

Safety is job one. It helps no one when trucks are delayed due to accidents. Knowing the highway system and how it changes helps keep drivers on time without creating unsafe driving conditions. Understanding what the best route is helps to ensure that prices remain competitive, that freight gets there on time and that the roads remain safe for all who use them.

Quick Transfer USA makes the commitment to know the highway system. That commitment is part of what sets Quick Transfer USA apart from competitors. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the major freight routes, we are able to overcome problems that slow other freight companies down. That is a benefit that we pass on to all of our customers.

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