Freight Broker FAQ

Freight Broker Quick Transfer USA provides premium trucking services to those in need of freight transportation. Striving to accommodate all freight needs of our customers, we provide excellent service and keep our customers well-informed. Feel free to look through our frequently asked questions for any pressing questions you may have. If you still have questions, feel free to email us at info@QuickTransferUSA.com or call us 800-558-8086.


1. Why should I choose a broker rather than hire a trucking company directly?
Trucking services vary and finding the best way to ship your goods while holding down costs can be a real challenge. Excelling in different lanes, some trucking companies do better with full loads while others with LTL. Quick Transfer USA specializes in finding the carrier best suited for our customer’s needs.


2. How could Quick Transfer  USA offer better prices than other trucking companies?
When you ask for a freight quote from us, we contact several carriers to ensure you get the most competitive rate with the fastest reliable service, including expedited shipping. With just once call you get the best shipping quote out there.


3. Do you move LTL or full truckloads?
We are very well set up with numerous LTL and truckload carriers to accommodate all of your shipping needs from a pallet to a truckload.

4. Which region do you serve?
Quick Transfer USA  serves the entire United States as well as Canada.

5. Which lanes do you specialize in?
Quick Transfer USA is in contact with a wide variety of trucking services in all zones, giving us the expertise and ability to get the right carrier for each particular lane in any region.