Notable Truck Stops

The United States has a large and intricate network of truck stops to help expedited shipping and overnight shipping drivers get their loads across the country, but as anyone who’s ever undertaken their own road trip knows, truck stops are pretty useful (and can definitely be interesting) for regular driver as well. With that in mind, here’s a couple exceptional truck stops for truckers and travelers to seek out.

Iowa 80¬†(Wolcott, Iowa): This truck stop claims to be the largest in the world, a boast that seems valid when you realize the Iowa 80 is essentially its own small town, complete with the usual amenities of restaurants, stores and service centers in addition to a dentist, barber shop, laundromat, church services and even a “Dogomat” pet wash. Over 5,000 people a day stop at Iowa 80, which also houses the Truckers Jamboree, an annual celebration featuring an antique truck show, sporting events and live music.

South of the Border¬†(Dillon, South Carolina): As much an amusement park as a truck stop, South of the Border features a camp ground, 300 room hotel with an indoor pool, a fairground with carnival rides, Reptile Lagoon, the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the country, and the Sombrero Tower observation tower. You’ll also find six independently owned restaurants, including the Sombrero, a restaurant shaped like the eponymous hat, and plenty of shops, like Rocket City, the largest fireworks store on the East Coast.

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