Notable Truck Stops: Part II

Continuing our list from last week, here’s a few more of the best truck stops to visit in the Unites States, whether you work in trucking services or not.

Alamo Casino (Sparks, Nevada): There are few things the state of Nevada likes more than gambling, so it may not surprise you to learn the state’s penchant for casinos extends even to its truck stops. Case in point: the Alamo Casino, a truck stop in Sparks, Nevada that doubles as a full size casino, complete with slot machines, blackjack, poker and craps tables and live sports betting. The Alamo also includes a 71 room hotel and all the usual shopping, restaurants and truck services. Remember the Alamo the next time you’re passing through.

Clearwater Travel Plaza (Clearwater, Minnesota): If you’re looking for someplace to eat on the road, this is the truck stop for you. The Clearwater Travel Plaza includes a Food Network-approved restaurant, a pub with beers on tap and specialty cocktails and a bakery that specializes in various fritters, pastries and pies made from scratch.

Little America (Flagstaff, Arizona): While it does include a truck stop, Arizona’s Little America looks more like a luxury retreat. In the middle of 500 acres of ponderosa pine, Little American boasts an upscale hotel, a conference center and fine dining. Truckers mingle with travelers and the wedding parties that use the area’s picturesque surroundings to host marriage ceremonies.


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