Imports and Exports Around the World

shipping quoteFor as long as humans have been able to trade one item for another, networks of exchange have popped up in order to facilitate demand with regular supply. Today, billions of tons of goods travel from one loading facility to the other, with the European Union alone claiming 1.7 billion tons of materials moved within intra-continental ports. What commodities remain in highest demand world-wide?

There’s plenty of avocados available in Finland despite the fact that it’s impossible to grow them in the nation. A global market for produce, meat, and grain has led to a massive quantity of food traveling across the world, from tropical regions to temperate climates and vice-versa. In fact, bananas represent the second-most imported commodity in the United States by weight due to the national demand for a fruit that cannot be grown in the nation outside of Florida and Hawaii. That’s three million metric tons per year, or six billion pounds, or about 20 billion individual fruits.

The threads upon our backs originate from many different places world-wide. The cotton may have been grown in Egypt, the wool from New Zealand, the silk from China, the tailoring in Pakistan. Not only do clothes represent one of the most-traded goods, but they also represent one of the most-counterfeited goods, with countless millions of dollars in fake clothing and footware imported and exported annually.

There are so many ships upon the open ocean that they raise the ocean’s water level, though not by a noticeable amount. While some fads generate new interest in particular products, mainstays like food and clothing remain the most commonly shipped goods.

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