Goods That Are Shipped Most In The United States

Across the United States, goods are being placed onto trucks and rail systems to be delivered to companies, distribution centers, customers and ships for overseas trade. Besides shipping finished products to consumers, freight companies are transporting raw products and materials to manufacturers to create a variety of products from automobiles to computers.

Most Shipped Goods In The United States

In December 2013, there was an estimated $130,850.4 million dollars worth of products exported into the United States and an estimated $180,059.9 million dollars worth of products imported into the country, according the the United States Census Bureau. Goods in the manufacturing category remain the highest number of products shipped followed by imported mining products and agricultural products.

The top 6 products shipped (in millions of dollars):

  • Computers and Electronics – $354,725.3 annually (imported)
  • Transportation Equipment – $331,630.8 annually (imported)
  • Oil and Gas – $222,265.1 annually (imported)
  • Chemicals – $206,539.3 annually (imported)
  • Machinery, excluding electrical – $142,025.7 annually (imported)
  • Petroleum and Coal – $124,317.3 annually (imported)

With the large amount of products being shipped on a daily basis, companies need to ensure the products reach their destination across the country. Quick Transfer USA offers reliable freight services throughout the United States and Canada for customers looking for the best rates and prompt carrier service whether products need to be shipped by truck, rail or intermodal methods.


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