Truck Driving Video Games

Working in trucking services is a very important job, and the work can be rewarding, knowing it’s the transporting of goods that keeps the country going. That said, the long hours and repetitious nature of the work means it isn’t always a particularly fun job, but that hasn’t stopped video game developers from turning the fairly innocuous employment of truck driving into thrill-a-minute arcade games. Here’s a few of truck driving’s biggest video game hits.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker: First released as an arcade cabinet in 2000, but successful enough to later be ported to all the major home consoles of the time,¬†Sega’s 18 Wheeler tasks players with delivering their cargo within a strict time limit, beginning in Key West and traveling across the continent to San Francisco. Players could also choose their trucks and drivers, including the robust Texan Long Horn, token lady-driver Highway Cat and even a Dekotora enthusiast, Nippon Maru.

18 Wheels of Steel: Though they’re similarly titled, the 18 Wheels of Steel series replaces 18 Wheeler‘s arcade action for a more realistic trucking simulation. Apparently there’s a market for it: There have been eight Wheels of Steel¬†games so far, including entries set in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Bangladesh and Bolivia, where players can brave the notorious Yungas Road, or “Death Road,” as it is affectionately nicknamed.

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