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Truck Driving Video Games

Working in trucking services is a very important job, and the work can be rewarding, knowing it’s the transporting of goods that keeps the country going. That said, the long hours and repetitious nature of the work means it isn’t always a particularly fun job, but that hasn’t stopped video game developers from turning the [...]

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Country Music to Drive a Truck To

Last week, we offered some counter-programming to the predominantly country-twinged truck driving songs with some trucking services-themed rock ‘n roll. This week, we’ll dig into the huge library of trucking favorites with banjos, fiddles and other rural Americana specialties. 500 Miles: This track began life as a folk song and was later made popular during [...]

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Music to Drive a Truck To

It’s no exaggeration to say the trucking services industry keeps this country going. Because it’s such a crucial part of our everyday lives, and it employs so many people across the nation, it’s no wonder there are plenty of songs about truck driving out there, although it seems like most of them fall squarely into [...]

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The Accidental Toy Empire

Mound Metalcraft was created in Mound, Minnesota by three partners in 1946. The burgeoning company’s first products were metal tie-racks and subsequent designs focused on gardening equipment. Fortuitously, the previous occupant of Mound Metalcraft’s building was the Streater Company, which had made and patented a few toys, though owner E.C. Streater wasn’t interested in going [...]

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The Incredible World of Dekotora

Japan is no stranger to subcultures and the fetishisation of niche interests, but even in a place with so many super specialized hobbies, Dekotora sticks out. Beginning in the 1970s, some trucking services drivers began to decorate their trucks with loads of bright lights, extravagant paint jobs and stainless steel or gold exterior parts. These [...]

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Welcome to Quick Transfer USA

Welcome to Quick Transfer USA, the premier freight and shipping service specializing in LTL, or less-than-truckload shipments, along with full and even multiple truckloads. No matter how much you need to move or where you need it to go, Quick Transfer USA can take care of all the logistics for you, ensuring a safe and [...]

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