Truck Routes: Blue Ridge Parkway

With the exception of 1949, the Blue Ridge Parkway has been the most visited component of the National Park System every year since 1946. This stretch of road connects the Shenandoah National Park with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Linking these two national parks, the Blue Ridge Parkway passes through 29 counties in Virginia and North Carolina as it stretches across 469 miles.

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, tourists flock to the Parkway during the fall leaf season to see the patchwork quilt of red, orange, and yellow leaves that stretches to the horizon. During the spring and summer, the Blue Ridge Parkway provides a chain of swimming holes, hiking trails, and picnic spots for locals and tourists alike. However, this road is often closed for extended periods due to snow and ice during the winter.

This majestic highway is only one small section of the delivery area covered by¬†Quick Transfer USA. Transferring freight along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall is one of the perks of this job. Sometimes it’s necessary to use the Blue Ridge Parkway when a shipment needs to arrive on time. However, this road is often closed in the winter due to snow and ice. These are situations where our dedication to safety and our use of intermodal transportation options make Quick Transfer USA stand out. We can find ways to move freight over and around the Blue Ridge Parkway so your delivery arrives on time and safe.

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