Truck Routes: Route 1

Route 1 (US-1) is a major highway that can take you more that 2,300 miles from the very tip of Florida up to the northeastern coastline of Maine. Running adjacent to the Atlantic coast, Route 1 is a much more scenic route than Interstate 95 which is situated to the west. The Southern leg of Route 1, which extends from Southern Virginia, through the Carolinas and Georgia, and comes to an end in Key West Florida, is still widely used by truckers.

While I-95 may allow you to maintain constant highway speeds of 60 miles per hour, Route 1 is often chosen because it provides a more direct route for deliveries. It also can be a pleasant break from the nondescript scenery you see all along I-95.

When you are traveling along Route 1 in the Carolinas, you can get a real feel of the country. While there are long stretches of clear road where you can go 55 or 60 mph, there are also small towns and cities where you must slow down and sometimes wait for the traffic light to turn green. Route 1 will take you through Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and further on down the line, you will go past Savannah, Georgia.

When you cross the state line and head into Florida, Jacksonville will be the first big city you encounter. Quick Transfer USA provides you with complete trucking and transportation solutions when you need to haul freight. Whether you are a company hauling Oranges out of Indian River County to bring some sunshine up north, or you are transporting computer components south to Miami, chances are pretty good that at least part of the trip will be along Route 1.


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