A Winning Relay Team: Efficient Negotiation of Intermodal Shipping

Intermodal shipping is like a relay race in which a transportation team, involving a number of companies and modes of transportation working together to get products from start to finish line rapidly. To succeed, this intermodal system requires smooth, secure connections between truck and rail companies, careful shipping to avoid product damage and a reasonable price for the complete shipping chain.

Precise logistical management of this intermodal matrix can be a major headache for companies that handle all their own shipping arrangements without the aid of a freight broker.

Sometimes a company needs to stop and consider it’s ultimate goal. Is it excellent production or excellent shipping? Hiring an effective intermodal transportation specialist, such asĀ Quick Transfer USA, makes it possible to shift time and effort toward accomplishing a company’s central mission, such as producing the best goods possible or managing hazardous wastes in the safest way possible.

Quick Transfer can help a company arrange quick, excellent intermodal transport throughout the U.S. and Canada, including refrigerated loads and trade-show shipments. Affordable, careful shipping is available whether companies are shipping full or partial loads and are shipping on a regular basis or infrequently.

By combining its trucking service with rail partners around the nation, Quick Transfer helps customers to maximize savings and satisfaction. Quick Transfer’s intermodal services makes it possible to ship any size of materials anywhere at a price that is efficient.


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